Join us for a weekend of sessions with Steven Brubaker from Faith Builders!

Anabaptism as a Worldview

Everyone has a worldview, a set of beliefs and values that shape how they think about and live in the world.  Many in our world have lost their way. The resulting pressure to conform to their moral depravity can be overwhelming. The Anabaptist expression of Christianity is divine provision for withstanding this all-out assault. In this series, we will attempt to describe the worldview of this age and five central emphases of Anabaptism.

Friday- March 11 7:00 pm

  • Session 1: Worldview- What is it? How do we get one?
  • Session 2: The Worldview of this Age

Saturday- March 12 7:00 pm

  • Session 3: Setting the Table
  • Session 4: Anabaptist Emphasis #1

Sunday- March 13 9:30 am

  • Session 5: Anabaptist Emphasis #2
  • Session 6: Anabaptist Emphasis #3

Sunday- March 13 7:00 pm

  • Session 7: Anabaptist Emphasis #4
  • Session 8: Anabaptist Emphasis #5

The divinely resourced organism for withstanding tsunamis of moral degradation is the church of Jesus Christ. And a church anchored in 2000 years of faithful doctrine and practice, a church receiving with gratitude the wisdom that precedes it, a church building on the grace of the past is in the best position to not only withstand but turn back the shadow of evil and injustice – to prevail against the gates of hell.